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About the Bobcat Rental Compact Track Loader T62 R-Series

The Bobcat Rental T62 compact track loader is a radius lift path machine that gives operators increased lifting capabilities at maximum reach, class-leading visibility and unmatched comfort. The inline engine design and durable direct-drive system deliver the performance and durability required on today’s jobsites. The 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage dramatically reduces stress and vibration from the undercarriage, making each ride more comfortable.

The R-Series Rental T62 compares in platform size to the M2-Series T550 in the Bobcat compact track loader lineup.

Highlights of the Bobcat Rental compact track loader include:

  • One-piece, sealed and pressurized cab
  • Dual-direction bucket positioning
  • Cast steel lift arm sections and increased lifting capabilities
  • Cast steel Bob-Tach attachment mounting system
  • Clear side enclosure with automatic heat and air conditioning
  • Easy-pull, easy-secure side window
  • Protected battery with remote jumpstart
  • Foot pedals standard, SJC controls available

R-Series performs better than any previous generation of Bobcat loader.

  • Bobcat Company redesigned R-Series loaders from the ground up with optimized performance features including increased lifting capabilities and improved cooling. They’re also easier to service and more comfortable, and their powerful hydraulics make them even more versatile than previous generations.

R-Series loaders were designed to improve quality, reliability and durability

  • R-Series loaders are backed by a total focus on quality. Cast steel construction added to multiple areas for improved strength for improved quality, reliability, and durability. R-Series are the most powerful, durable loaders Bobcat Company has built.

Operators can lift bigger loads at full reach.

  • R-Series lift arms feature cast steel construction for increased material strength and rigidity. Cast steel sections allow for more material where it’s needed, which provides greater strength while enabling a slimmer profile arm that also enhances visibility. The redesigned arms combined with the high hydraulic performance means you can lift heavier weights, even at full reach.

It’s easier to take care of this machine.

  • Industry-leading serviceability is part of the Bobcat DNA. You can easily find and reach the service points on this machine; when it’s time for maintenance or repairs, the entire R-Series cab lifts out of the way to provide improved service access – with hardware on the cab exterior for easy removal. The engine and fuel system have been redesigned to make them simpler to service. The easy-to-read display can diagnose common problems and let you know if something on the machine needs repair.

The midsized T62 offers a good mix of size and performance.

  • This is a good machine for construction work, especially commercial and infrastructure construction. It has the power you need, and you can transport it without much hassle.
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Bobcat Company introduces new and improved compact track loader undercarriages T740 Root Grapple

New solid-mount and optional Roller Suspension™ system undercarriages are available for select Bobcat® compact track loaders, including the T550, T590, T630, T650, T740, T750 and T770.

Superior ride quality

Dual-flange front idlers now ride on the rubber track’s roller way. These new front idlers, along with wider rollers, help reduce vibration to improve operator comfort and reduce track wear on the inside of the track. Single-flange idlers are still found on the rear of the machine to help minimize de-tracking.

The optional Roller Suspension™ system has also been changed to optimize ride and operational characteristics. It also incorporates the dual flange front idlers, wider rollers, along with mono-leaf springs, for smoother action. The front idlers have been relocated to enhance machine operation.

Better track carriage cleanout

  • A horizontally mounted tension cylinder opens up more room between the carriage and track for easier cleanout. The undercarriage is sloped on both sides to shed material, such as sand, dirt, mud and debris, better than the previous design. Additionally, raised cutout between the rollers allow for easier cleaning.

Increased fuel capacity

  • Depending on the model, operators will see an increase in fuel capacity by up to 45 percent. Actual volume and operational time will vary by machine model.

Enhanced ground clearance

  • Ground clearance at the center of the undercarriage has been improved by up to 29 percent, helping operators travel through mud, sand and other soft soil conditions more easily.

Improved clearance at the rear of the machine

  • Clearance at the rear of the machine has been increased. This allows machines to travel over curbs and other obstacles with less chance of catching on them.

Interchangeable tracks

  • Narrow and wide tracks for compact track loaders are interchangeable at a Bobcat dealership.
  • Growing John Deere Gator™ Utility Vehicle Family Provides Utility and Power to Meet Customer Needs
  • New options catered to outdoor enthusiasts for increased productivity

Growing John Deere Gator™ Utility Vehicle Family Provides Utility and Power to Meet Customer Needs

John Deere Utility vehicle

CARY, North Carolina (January 27, 2016) – John Deere introduces the Gator™ XUV590i and XUV590i S4 Crossover Utility Vehicles, designed for operators who desire performance, comfort and customization. Equipped with a powerful twin-cylinder engine, independent four-wheel suspension and availability of more than 75 attachments, the XUV590i provides an unparalleled balance of performance and work capability in the mid-size class.

“The XUV590i and XUV590i S4 four-passenger models were designed to get more chores checked off your to-do list, in a more comfortable setting,” said Mark Davey, John Deere marketing manager, Gator utility vehicles. “Outdoor enthusiasts can navigate terrain faster with a top speed of over 45 mph thanks to quick acceleration powered by a 586 cc, 32 horsepower, liquid-cooled inline twin-cylinder gasoline engine.”

The two new Gator models boast performance features ideal for getting work done around the property. The XUV590i offers operators 10.5 inch minimum ground clearance, 800 lb. load capacity and 1,100 lb. towing capacity. Likewise, the XUV590i S4 has a 9.3-inch minimum ground clearance, 1,200 lb. load capacity and is capable of towing up to 1,100 lb.

The Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 also come standard with an 875 watt, 65 ampere alternator to run auxiliary attachments, such as lights, winches and sprayers, without the fear of discharging the battery.

Operators and passengers alike will appreciate the low noise and vibration levels on the new Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4. These benefits are achieved by isolating the powertrain and utilizing sound-dampening material around the engine and CVT intakes.

The operator station has class-leading ergonomics and legroom for the operator and passengers. The Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 feature a large, 7.4 gallon fuel tank to keep the vehicle running longer between fill-ups. The instrument cluster is backlit and provides critical vehicle information, such as speed, engine rpm, fuel level, coolant temperature and warning lights for information, such as power steering, maintenance reminders and seat belt reminder.

The Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 utility vehicles are currently available at your local John Deere dealer. For more information, visit